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RapidLink works perfectly with RapidCart!
Ian G.

What is RapidLink?

RapidLink is your digital downloads safe assistant for RapidWeaver that automates the delivery process and all in a fully secure way!


Compatible with RapidWeaver 5 and 6

Rest on the beach while RapidLink delivers your products...

List your files. Set prices and export your site. That's all you have to do to get ready to sell your digital downloads with RapidLink in a perfectly seamless way!

One click does it all: RapidLink creates IPN for your PayPal account, traces your links and all in a fully secure way!

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No matter what your business. RapidLink helps boost it.

Are you a professional Photographer and want to sell your works-of-art? Are you a software developer aiming to publish your apps? Or do you simply want to share some papers or files with your customers?

No matter what you sell, RapidLink will be your digital download safe assistant!

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Link spreading is deprecated!

With RapidLink, your digital downloads are always in your control: you'll receive a notification email each time one file is downloaded, so you can prevent and block link spreading in a flash and sleep safely!

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Give the gift of style to your communications.

Dazzle customers with your sparkling new style! RapidLinks comes with 10 free templates created by ThemeFlood, the RapidWeaver community's most talented theme developer, to customize your notification emails.

In addition, you can further create your own template to give the look and style of your company or site.

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The E-Commerce Duo!

What can be better than having a great plugin which does it all for you? Having two!

RapidCart 3 will integrate perfectly with your RapidLink page: once your links are ready, set up your e-commerce page with the easiest and coolest shopping cart solution.

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Thank you for your stellar support!
Werner S.

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v. 1.5.2 (v. 1.4.5 for RW 5)
Release notes - Dec 3rd, 2014

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